Medical Record Analysis

Buried within the hundreds to thousands of pages of your medical records are the facts you need to build a solid defense. Our medical legal analysts can find those facts quickly and turn them into unbiased insights and practical reports you can use to inform your defense or settlement strategy.


Care Calendar/Touch Chart Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Care Calendar/Touch Chart

A visual representation of a patient or resident’s documented medical interactions.

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Case Summary Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Case Summary

A synopsis of the important events and issues within the medical history of the record, presented in a narrative format.

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Medical Chronology Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Medical Chronology

An objective, detailed timeline of events constructed from facts relevant to specific allegations and potential areas of liability.

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Organizing Medical Records Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tools

Find out how well your facility is complying with regulatory standards.

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Provider of Care Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Provider of Care Report

A list of all documenting caregivers, cross-referenced with their entries in the medical record.

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Strengths and Weaknesses Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

Provides an early glimpse at the medical record and succinctly boils down everything you need to know into a 2-page report.

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Staffing Scorecard Icon Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Staffing Scorecard

An efficient way to use payroll-based journal data to your advantage.

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Strengths and Weaknesses Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Early Risk Assessment

The assessment outlines the crucial details within the medical record in an easy-to-read format.

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Turning and Repositioning Chart Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Turning and Repositioning Report

An at-a-glance account of a patient’s daily turning and movement.

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Strengths and Weaknesses Report Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

COVID-19 Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool

Create a COVID-19 chronology which can include Federal, state, health care organization and individual patient / resident information.

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Thank you for your help with our claim. The reports we received are very detailed and precisely what we needed. It would have taken us a significant amount of time to address opposing counsel’s assertions, but your team was able to promptly review the records and provide a detailed report in the time frame we requested.

- A legal counsel from OH