Our Approach

Each year, we work on thousands of projects and handle millions of pages of clinical and legal documents. This experience has helped us standardize our approach to medical record review, simplifying the entire process. Getting started is as straightforward as a phone call.

Unique litigation or regulatory challenges may require a bit more communication to ensure we clarify requirements, identify specific challenges, and understand your desired outcomes. Once we decide together on a course of action and agree on scope through a statement of work, a dedicated liaison manages the project to ensure all deliverables are completed on time and within budget.

Our Process

Process Organize Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 1


Once received, records are electronically organized by care provider and care episode and then automatically indexed by document type so they begin to reveal a chronological story of events as they happened – a critical foundation for efficient analysis.

Process Identify Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 2


Our health information specialists check records for completeness and identify any significant gaps in documentation. You are promptly alerted when gaps exist, so you can take appropriate action. This ensures a clean, organized, and complete record from the start.

Process Digitize Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 3


Each page of a record is identified with a corresponding Bates label and is made available through Zaxas®, our proprietary web-based software. Each member of your team is provided a unique login to access Zaxas® at any time, from anywhere, to view and search your records.

Process Analyze Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 4


Nurse legal analysts use their vast clinical experience to evaluate and decipher complex medical information. Based upon requirements, you will receive a concise, objective assessment in the form of a case summary, medical chronology, provider of care report, or a report designed for your specific needs.

Process Finalize Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 5


To ensure quality and consistency, all reports are reviewed for content, style, grammatical and typographical accuracy. This step ensures that your reports are concise, objective, and free of errors and distractions.

Process Distribute Excelas Medical Legal Solutions

Step 6


Reports are shared through Zaxas®, providing 24/7 access to all your documents and relevant work products. Logins can be provided to anyone on your team for heightened coordination. If you prefer, you can also receive your materials on paper or other electronic media.


Why do our clients continue to partner with us, case after case?

Responsiveness and Timeliness

We complete projects with a defined service commitment, informing strategy early and reducing project duration for a reduced overall cost to our clients.

Dedicated Expertise at Every Step

The Excelas team is composed of highly skilled and credentialed employees, not contractors, who are focused on each project from beginning to end.

Industry Knowledge

We stay current with healthcare trends – sponsoring and speaking at conferences — and have an in-depth understanding of the issues you face.

Customization and Cost Efficiency

Our flexibility allows us to provide affordable, tailor-made solutions to any challenge involving medical record organization, gap review, and clinical analysis and summary.

Thank you for handling our cases so swiftly and responding to me with lightning speed. We appreciate the great customer service you always give us. It is a pleasure working with you.

- A litigation manager in AR