Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment

A high-level snapshot of the medical record

Start understanding the critical facts in your case within days using our Strengths and Weaknesses assessment. This report provides a high-level overview of a medical record with the positive and negative facts of the patient’s clinical course. The easy-to-read format lets you quickly see areas of potential liability as well as the elements of the record that will support your defense.

This report has two sections. The first provides a brief overview of the biographical information for the case subject and a summary of the significant events that occurred in the reviewed medical records. The second section provides the case strengths and weaknesses — positive and negative points identified by the medical legal analyst that may either help refute or support allegations. The strengths and weaknesses are grouped by topic or allegation and are listed chronologically.

It’s clear that the Excelas team has a real interest in healthcare and a desire to keep our focus on resident care. Your analyses always examine what matters most—the standard of care, and the real, documented facts of the case.

- A claims manager from TX