Matthew T. Corso, Shareholder, Buchanan

Our firm regularly uses the Excelas Care Calendar which is an excellent tool to present medical care and staff interactions.  The Care Calendar’s functionality allows easy access to the documentation and provides attorneys and witnesses a very accessible tool to present testimony.  The ability to access an exact page so quickly, especially during live testimony, is a great feature of the calendar.  Moreover, the calendar function itself tells the story of the number of interactions and “touches” in a clear and relatable format.  It is an excellent product we will continue to utilize.

AVP, Claims

A national defense firm first introduced me to Excelas, LLC.  Since then, the Excelas team has been very instrumental in providing key reviews, assessments, and documentation in order to quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of our case. With their assistance, we were able to achieve some excellent settlements and resolution.   I appreciate Excelas’ expert medical record organization, case assessment, and analysis to quickly determine the liability of a case.  In addition, there is a cost savings to the insureds by utilizing Excelas, especially in the organization and review of the voluminous medical records we encounter in healthcare claims.

Sandy Bishop MSN, RN, CPHRM, Director Liability Claims, Kindred Healthcare, Kentucky

As part of our defense strategy, we wanted to be able to visualize the turning and repositioning efforts made by our staff during the plaintiff’s hospitalization. We approached Excelas with this challenge, and together, we developed a new, interactive report that goes beyond a simple spreadsheet of entries in the medical record. We anticipate the use of this report to be very helpful in our ongoing litigation efforts. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Excelas on this new addition to our toolbox.

Eve, National Defense Firm

I wish all of my clients utilized the wonderful resource that is Excelas. Within no time, the Excelas team can take thousands of pages of records and integrate every area of the medical chart into one easy to read timeline. Additionally, their talented team of experts can help you and your client identify missing records and areas that may require follow up. The team is a pleasure to work with and always available to answer questions. Excelas not only can save a client time and money, but provides a tool that is truly priceless in the defense of a matter.

Danielle, National Defense Firm

Excelas’ ability to review and organize an extremely complex medical record has saved me time and saved a significant amount of money for my clients. As we begin to see claims/cases involving COVID-19, Excelas’ COVID-19 Comprehensive Database makes navigating these unprecedented cases manageable.

Beth, Senior Counsel, Healthcare Organization, Ohio

We have partnered with Excelas, LLC for over a decade to manage and resolve our claims. Excelas is responsive and provides my team with electronic record retrieval, comprehensive record organization, and medical analysis. We could not process the volume of work without Excelas – they are an extension of our team.

Mark S. Hura, Esq., Associate Counsel, Akron, Ohio

I cannot thank you enough for the quality and timeliness of your work product.  It has helped me immensely to do my job better.  Thank you to your staff who do such a terrific job.

Yvonne, SCLA, Claims Agent

While handling a case I kept receiving additional information which needed nurse review and I had time constraints. The Excelas team accepted all of my “rush” emails and were able to get back to me within 24 hours which helped me to resolve the case.  Thanks so much for accommodating my requests and delivering the service needed for me to do my job!

Nicole, Partner, Defense Firm, Florida

Thanks for all of your assistance over the years – everyone at Excelas is such a pleasure to work with and we cherish the relationship we have with the whole Excelas team. The tools you provide us in defending our cases are immeasurable, and I’ve truly enjoyed watching Excelas grow exponentially over the years.

A claims manager from TX

It’s clear that the Excelas team has a real interest in healthcare and a desire to keep our focus on resident care. Your analyses always examine what matters most—the standard of care, and the real, documented facts of the case.

A legal counsel from OH

Thank you for your help with our claim. The reports we received are very detailed and precisely what we needed. It would have taken us a significant amount of time to address opposing counsel’s assertions, but your team was able to promptly review the records and provide a detailed report in the time frame we requested.

An attorney from NJ

I’m thrilled with Zaxas’ capabilities.