Staffing Scorecard

Gain staffing insights from your payroll-based journal data

The payroll-based journal staffing data that nursing homes submit to the CMS website each quarter is public, searchable, and permanent. While it’s mainly used by CMS to calculate Nursing Home Compare ratings, Excelas has found a way to make this data useful to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and their insurance and legal representatives.

With the Excelas Staffing Scorecard, SNFs can understand and use their publicly documented staffing levels, without having to mine data from the CMS website.

Our reports allow you to:

  • Identify whether any fluctuations or inconsistencies occurred in your staffing levels during a certain period of time.
  • Quickly compare your facility’s staffing levels with others in your state or other specified geographic footprint.
  • Dig deeper into your facility’s particular staffing issues.
  • Level the playing field by knowing the information plaintiffs are using to evaluate cases and create a negative staffing narrative.

We’re always impressed by how much Excelas really cares about what we need to accomplish. You always listen to us and find a solution that provides exactly what we need. Your customer service is first rate!

- A litigation manager from AL