Provider of Care Report

A list of caregivers involved in the patient’s care

Our provider of care report is a simple, yet powerful time-saving tool. It’s an alphabetically ordered list of all staff who documented in the medical record highlighting clinical interactions with the patient whose care is in question. Each line of the report contains the employee’s name, the date the care was administered, the record type, and a hyperlinked Bates reference to the page in the record where the entry was made.

This report can also be made available in a preliminary format, early in the review process.This initial report is perfect for identifying potential witnesses, prepping for interviews and depositions, or working on other case preparation prior to medical analysis.

Provider of care reports are customizable. We can adapt the report to your needs, focusing on specific time periods, individual caregivers, or a particular facility.


Eliminates the need to review a record multiple times to identify caregiver entries. Files can be created for interviews and depositions at the click of a mouse.

Excelas Provider of Care Report

Our firm regularly uses the Excelas Care Calendar which is an excellent tool to present medical care and staff interactions.  The Care Calendar’s functionality allows easy access to the documentation and provides attorneys and witnesses a very accessible tool to present testimony.  The ability to access an exact page so quickly, especially during live testimony, is a great feature of the calendar.  Moreover, the calendar function itself tells the story of the number of interactions and “touches” in a clear and relatable format.  It is an excellent product we will continue to utilize.

- Matthew T. Corso, Shareholder, Buchanan