COVID-19 Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool

Our Integrated Timeline Tool Incorporates your Health Care Organization’s COVID-19 Response and Patient / Resident Medical Record Chronology into Federal and State Guidance Timelines

Excelas’ robust Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool (CITT, pronounced “kit”) allows clients to incorporate key data with guidelines, regulations and standards in a variety of situations, including:

  • Responses to regulatory agencies
  • Responses to government agencies investigating fraud, waste and abuse
  • Preparation for independent accrediting agencies
  • Preparation for industry performance recognition reviews

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Understand the guidance and timing of communication from federal and state agencies from the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to current directives. Timelines are available for the continuum of health care settings including acute care, assisted living and skilled nursing.

Present your organization’s policies and communication strategy in chronological order, integrated into federal and/or state guidance.

Incorporate an individual patient or resident’s medical chronology into the organization’s response, state and/or federal timelines to illustrate the full picture of your COVID-19 compliance.

Excelas built this framework to allow you to respond quickly in this unpredictable legal and regulatory environment.



Information is presented in a clear, easy to understand chronological format. With the click of a mouse you can access all relevant source documents. For complete flexibility, each timeline – Federal, state, health care organization and individual patient / resident can be presented in a standalone report or combined at any level.

The simple solution to the complex issue of organizing and presenting your COVID documentation, aligned with your defense strategy – the COVID-19 Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool.

Download a C19-CITT Information Sheet

I wish all of my clients utilized the wonderful resource that is Excelas. Within no time, the Excelas team can take thousands of pages of records and integrate every area of the medical chart into one easy to read timeline. Additionally, their talented team of experts can help you and your client identify missing records and areas that may require follow up. The team is a pleasure to work with and always available to answer questions. Excelas not only can save a client time and money, but provides a tool that is truly priceless in the defense of a matter.

- Eve, National Defense Firm