Medical Chronology

The sequence of noteworthy events most relevant to your case

A medical chronology from Excelas can give you a detailed, yet efficient review of what happened during a patient’s care over a specific period of time. In this report, we outline the details of significant medical events related to named allegations and other identified areas of concern, ordering them by date. We can also generate individual topic chronologies from the medical record which contain information relevant only to a specified area of interest. Topic chronologies can be fully customizable based on the specific issues of your case.

Chronologies are database-driven and can be sorted by any data element — whatever format works for your particular needs. And as discovery progresses, chronologies are easily appended with new information.

Once completed, you can view your medical chronology online via Zaxas in an easy-to-read, scannable format. Like all other Excelas reports, every piece of medical information is cross-referenced with the medical record. Click on the hyperlinked Bates numbers in the report to immediately see the page of the medical record where the information is contained.


Highlights gaps in documentation and shows you the course of events related to areas of concern, such as decline or improvement in physical functioning, post-incident assessments, skin breakdown, falls, and development of infections.

It’s clear that the Excelas team has a real interest in healthcare and a desire to keep our focus on resident care. Your analyses always examine what matters most—the standard of care, and the real, documented facts of the case.

- A claims manager from TX