Medical Chronology

An organized, succinct record of medical facts

A medical chronology from Excelas gives you an efficient, unbiased summary of what happened during a patient’s care over a specific period of time. Provided in a user-friendly format, our chronology is arranged so it can be reviewed quickly. It highlights only the most pertinent information from a patient’s medical record.

What information is found in an Excelas medical chronology?

Prepared by legal nurse consultants, our medical chronologies outline the details of significant medical events related to named allegations and other identified areas of concern. These details include the date of service or date of care, the facility and provider of care, the Bates number, and important information noted from the labeled medical record page. The Bates numbers hyperlink to their corresponding record pages for cross-reference capability.

If needed, we can prepare topic chronologies to delve deeper into specific areas of risk. For example, we can create chronologies that focus on skin integrity, nutrition, or behavior. They are fully customizable to meet your specifications. If, at any time, a chronology needs to be updated, we can add new information by building on the work we’ve already completed.

Why choose Excelas to prepare your medical chronology?

  • Expertise. Our legal nurse consultants understand the unique language of medical records. They can easily decipher terminology and analyze medical data. More importantly, they know what elements in a medical record are most critical to report and can identify gaps in documentation.
  • Efficiency. We created our own software to both streamline the medical review process for us internally and provide a valuable tool for our clients. It allows us to meet fast turnaround requests and gives our clients the ability to view and search their records and reports online at any time.
  • Flexibility. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need, at the right price point.

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