Care Calendar/Touch Chart

An illustration of care given during a critical period of time

Our Care Calendar provides a powerful visualization of all medical and nursing interactions documented across thousands of pages of records. Each instance of patient contact is categorized and quantified on a simple, interactive calendar. Users can click on any day to instantly see a complete, detailed breakdown of the care the patient received, including hyperlinks to the page of the medical record where the care is documented.

A valuable tool for sharing evidence at family conferences, mediations, or trial exhibits, the care calendar is customized to meet your needs and will display the time frame(s) and categories most crucial to your case. The care calendar can be created as a stand-alone report or concurrently with the preparation of other work products


Created early in your case preparation to help with risk assessment, strategy identification, preliminary family meetings, mediations, and more. With Zaxas, our proprietary software, we can create the calendar quickly, eliminating the expense of creating a similar product manually.

Excelas Care Calendar

Our firm regularly uses the Excelas Care Calendar which is an excellent tool to present medical care and staff interactions.  The Care Calendar’s functionality allows easy access to the documentation and provides attorneys and witnesses a very accessible tool to present testimony.  The ability to access an exact page so quickly, especially during live testimony, is a great feature of the calendar.  Moreover, the calendar function itself tells the story of the number of interactions and “touches” in a clear and relatable format.  It is an excellent product we will continue to utilize.

- Matthew T. Corso, Shareholder, Buchanan