Nursing home citations blasted in new report

Skilled Nursing Facilities targeted

Massive cyber attack created billing burdens for skilled nursing

Attack sparks efforts for payment relief

Record-breaking amount of False Claims Act cases

Most FCA recoveries related to healthcare

Nursing home staff experiences resident life

Experiment in empathy has life-changing potential

Senate Special Committee on Aging launching new review of safety within assisted living sector

Washington Post article spurs Senate scrutiny

Class action settlements spike

New era of heightened risks and higher stakes

Assisted living communities not immune from COVID lawsuits

Not considered healthcare providers so not PREP Act protected

Staffing mandate assessments may push operators to brink

Assessment requirements have increased

Nursing home staffing exemptions criteria unclear

Facilities will need to meet four criteria to qualify.

Negotiated Risk Agreements mitigate exposure

Reduce losses and create protection for potential risk issues.

COVID-related criminal charges dismissed against Silverado

A "vindication for the industry."

Nursing schools turning away applicants

Nearly 78,200 applications were not accepted to nursing schools last…