New facility assessment requirements go into effect August 9, 2024

new facility assessment requirements
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SNFs have 90 days to revise policies and procedures to incorporate new facility assessment requirements

New facility assessment requirements add to the existing requirements by stipulating facilities must use evidence-based methods when planning care for their residents and linking that data to staffing.“Facilities must include the input of the nursing home leadership, including but not limited to, a member of the governing body and the medical director; management, including but not limited to, an administrator and the director of nursing; and direct care staff, including but not limited to, RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and NAs, and representatives of direct care staff as applicable,” CMS wrote in the rule. “The LTC facility must also solicit and consider input received from residents, resident representatives, and family members.”

By early August, new facility assessment requirements will mandate developing a staffing plan to maximize recruitment and retention of staff. Some operators say the mandate and new facility assessment requirements will be untenable for facilities.

Challenges are greatest for mid-size chains.
“Larger chain facilities may have a technology solution, while smaller facilities may do it by hand,” Brian Ellsworth, VP of Public Policy & Payment Transformation at Health Dimensions Group said. “The real issue is for facilities in the middle—what solution will they choose, and how will they adjust their policies and procedures to ensure they’re getting input from various sources? ““Depending on how CMS chooses to enforce this new requirement, it could be a compliance challenge for those providers that have been preoccupied with simply finding any staff, let alone benchmarking staffing to acuity levels,” he said. “Fortunately, there are solutions out there and facilities will need to consider those in coming weeks and months.”

Excelas Celebrates 19 Years Successfully Providing Medical-Legal Services Nationwide

The same year YouTube was launched and  “selfie” was becoming a popular term, Excelas, LLC was founded. Early adoption of the remote work model, proprietary technology, and a client-centered vision combine to make Excelas a key player in medical record organization and analysis services for claims, litigation, and compliance.

Jean Bourgeois wanted to positively impact the way healthcare is delivered. As the former director of medical records and health information at several Cleveland area hospitals, including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, she gained insight into how dedicated, targeted medical records support could better serve providers and patients.

She founded Excelas to take on the complex and laborious task of medical record organization and analysis, allowing providers to invest resources where they belong – in patient care. Excelas serves healthcare facilities, corporations, insurers, and counsel in the defense of cases involving medically related allegations, with a special interest in long-term care.

Cleveland, OH based Excelas, a woman-owned company, celebrates its 19th anniversary in May guided by Founder, Jean Bourgeois, and President, Beth Wilson. The firm has been recognized as a top workplace multiple times, including as a North Coast 99 winner, Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation, Best Employers in Ohio, and Smart Culture Award.

Excelas’ fully remote workforce supports a work-life balance for staff, while ensuring seamless service to clients. A robust team culture is fortified by in-person gatherings several times a year. To celebrate the 19th anniversary, it is fitting that the team, which sifts through documents and data to illuminate facts relevant to a case, gathered at The Candle Studio followed by dinner at Kitchen Social at Pinecrest.

A lot has changed since 2005 (TikTok is the newest rage), yet Excelas’s delivery of accurate, reliable, and affordable medical record organization and analysis remains intact.

Excelas Team 2024

SEATED L TO R: Beth Wilson, President and Jean Bourgeois, Founder

Excelas Team 2024

Sharon Ezzone, Melinda Mallari

Terri and Jean

Excelas Team 2024

Carrie and Holly

Justine and Grace

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