COVID-19 Record Review

Healthcare has been threatened as a result of COVID-19 and your facility may have been impacted by high rates of COVID-19 among your residents and/or staff. Excelas, LLC is helping healthcare providers such as yours prepare for the implications of what may come next.

Reaction and response depend on your goals and the goals of the organization. While our approach is always customized and collaborative, below are ways we are supporting our clients in response to the pandemic.

Excelas, LLC will conduct a review of your resident records to determine if key changes in status occurred during a specified time period. This is an independent assessment of the status of your residents and the actions taken in regards to their health, care, and safety.

A medical legal analyst will complete a review of your records over a time period of three to six months prior to a change in resident status. A detailed chronology will be prepared highlighting key factors:

  • Possible symptomology, including respiratory symptoms, GI symptoms, muscles aches, headache, and/or fevers
  • Psychosocial well-being
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Airborne isolation implementation

In preparation for the threat of litigation, we recommend you collect and organize facility policies and protocols associated with:

  • Handwashing and PPE Usage
  • Social Distancing
  • Visitor Entry Protocol
  • Infection Control Standards
  • Infection Surveillance
  • Education and Communication

Excelas, LLC recommends you submit all medical records for medical record organization and gap analysis. The medical review and reports will focus on the COVID-19 time period; however, the complete resident record will be prepared in the event it is needed to defend your case.

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