Medical Record Organization

Effective medical analysis begins with precise medical record organization that presents a clear, ordered health history for each patient or resident. Using our proprietary software, Zaxas®, our health information specialists can quickly sort records by care provider and care episode and then index by document type to reconstruct an exact chronological timeline of events.


During medical record organization, we perform an identification check where the completeness of each record is assessed. As we check your records, we will:

  • Purge duplicates
  • Remove or redact documentation belonging to other individuals
  • Identify potential missing documentation
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance

If we believe a record is incomplete, we alert you promptly. This allows you to address any gaps and take immediate action so a complete record can be assembled without delay.


Once records are organized, they are electronically Bates labeled for easy identification and retrieval. All documents are assigned to authorized users for immediate access.

Zaxas is our proprietary web-based software and is a secure, convenient way for you to view, access, and search your records online at any time, from anywhere. Each person on your team is provided a unique login to access Zaxas for early preparation and planning and to facilitate coordination among team members. Multiple people can be logged in to access and view records simultaneously, so you and your colleagues, no matter how remote, will literally be on the same page.

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