Electronic Record Retrieval

Record retrieval tasks can take a significant amount of time and resources, resulting in hours of lost productivity for your organization. Because Excelas has a team of health information specialists who have years of experience working with medical records in various types of healthcare facilities and EMR systems, we know how to efficiently obtain complete records while guaranteeing HIPAA compliance.

Our team is familiar with a variety of EMRs including Epic, Meditech, PointClickCare, RehabOptima, and more. With remote access, we extract all portions of a record from EMR systems, coordinate the collection of paper records, or both: we do whatever it takes to locate and compile all the documentation required to produce a complete medical record.

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It’s clear that the Excelas team has a real interest in healthcare and a desire to keep our focus on resident care. Your analyses always examine what matters most—the standard of care, and the real, documented facts of the case.

- A claims manager from TX