COVID-related criminal charges dismissed against Silverado

covid-related criminal charges dismissed
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All criminal charges against Silverado dismissed regarding 14 deaths early in the COVID19 pandemic

 COVID-related criminal charges dismissed, called a “vindication for the industry.” Silverado President, CEO, and Chairman Loren Shook added that it could have been any company in the broader healthcare industry defending itself.

The outcome was a victory for senior living communities and healthcare facilities throughout the United States whose caregivers risked their own health and safety to serve those entrusted to their care during the pandemic, courageously protecting our most vulnerable population.

Excelas, LLC continues to support healthcare organizations with the COVID-19 Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool which incorporates a healthcare organization’s COVID19 Response and Patient / Resident Medical Record Chronology into Federal and State Guidance Timelines.


‘Sirens Going Off’: Warnings of mass closures, nursing home deserts due to staffing mandate

The proposed federal staffing mandate, coupled with the disparity between Medicaid reimbursement and facility costs, is expected to increase nursing home closures, particularly in rural areas. The result will be more “nursing home deserts” where access is 45 minutes to an hour away from rural communities.

It’s important to note that CMS’ own study said no specific amount of staffing correlated to better care, especially if the workforce is supplemented largely by agency staff.

“Just throwing more staff in a building doesn’t mean you’re going to get better quality outcomes at all. It really is about the operations and about the acuity of the patients and how you structure your building. It’s about how the building is laid out physically. There’s a lot more that goes into it than just having bodies,” said Accura HealthCare CEO Ted LeNeave.


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