Three-day hospitalization rule must go

three day hospitalization rule must go
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Three-day hospitalization rule is ‘unnecessary, outdated’

Three-day hospitalization rule must go, and action is needed quickly since the public health emergency is set to expire May 11, and with it a waiver for the 3-day rule.

Calling the mandated stays “wasteful and ineffective,” LeadingAge President and CEO Katie Smith Sloan broke down the many levels at which the rule, at worst, has been proven a failure and, at best, superfluous.

[B]oth rehospitalizations and emergency department visits for short-stay residents held steady from 2019-2022 while rates of improvements in functioning increased,” Sloan wrote to lawmakers, calling in proof that the rule is “not a meaningful requirement.”

  • “Millions of dollars in unnecessary health expenses” have been rung up due to the rigid three-day stay mandate, Sloan also asserted.

Creating community in the workplace

Paylocity hosted a virtual session on February 23 called Creating Community in the Workplace with Jess Sims of Peloton Interactive. Jess offered these insights for creating a healthy environment where everyone can thrive.

  1. Community is a Team Sport
  2. Strong Leaders Create Strong Connections
  3. Amplify the Positive
  4. How to Keep Yourself Motivated

For a team to win, everyone doesn’t have to be the best athlete on the field. Succeeding as a team means developing a sense of responsibility to one another and to the organization as a whole. In a competitive talent landscape, employees are motivated when they understand their impact on the business and have the support to grow and contribute in meaningful ways.


Key findings from the AHCA/NCAL “State of the Nursing Home Sector” report

While nursing homes are better able to manage COVID-19, the pandemic has exacerbated a historic labor shortage, creating an access to care crisis for America’s seniors and a capacity issue for other health care providers, like hospitals.

Meanwhile, the economic recovery of the industry remains in limbo, as the chronically underfunded sector begins to lose vital COVID financial aid in 2023.

  • 84% of nursing homes are facing staffing shortages
  • 55% are operating at a loss
  • 54% are limiting new admissions due to staffing shortages

Excelas, LLC January 2023 Performance Metrics

Excelas, LLC has provided customized solutions for 13,940 Records/Cases, processed 18,127,363 Pages, and supported 374 Clients & Firms.

We continue to invest in our Secure Interactive software; 8,712 Hours and a total $1,045,492 investment made in proprietary Zaxas software development.

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Excelas Metrics January 2023 - Excelas LLC


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