Talevski Decision sidesteps protections in Indiana

Talevski Decision sidesteps protections
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Talevski Decision now allows alleged violations under FNHRA

The Talevski Decision sidesteps protections in Indiana.   Ice Miller LLP shared insight on how the June 8, 2023 Talevski Decision now allows plaintiffs to file claims in Indiana (in either state or federal court) against nursing homes alleging violations of residents’ rights under the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (FNHRA).

As Jason Lundy and Angela Rinehart mention, “the new environment (which sidesteps Indiana state tort reform protections) is similar to what nursing homes—private, non-profit, and government-owned—in other states live with already.”


Litigation pitfalls for SNF operators

Pitfalls for SNF operators are related to bringing 1099 workers, or independent contractors, for clinical positions into facilities.

Today, they form almost 25% of the workforce, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase in independent contractors, especially in the ranks of clinical 1099 workers, brings on more liability upon nursing homes. Part of the reason stems from facilities not being able to train 1099 workers due to legal ramifications.

And yet, facilities – and staffing agencies that provide them – can still be held legally responsible for the incompetence of 1099 workers, as a number of lawsuits show. All in all, greater staffing agency use has meant more 1099 workers and more headaches for SNFs, and has resulted in congressional action as well.



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