Record Production Support

When responding to audits and record requests, your first instinct may be to gather and send the information as quickly as possible. However, releasing disorganized, incomplete, or inaccurate medical records can shed a negative light on your facility and disrupt the efficient evaluation of records by auditors. We can save your team the stress of gathering and organizing records as well as lost hours of productivity.

Our health information specialists have years of experience working with medical records and various types of healthcare facilities and EMR systems. They know the documentation required to ensure a complete medical record and how to obtain that information. They will assess its completeness, notify you of any missing record types or gaps in documentation, and ensure all pages of the record belong to the correct person. Within a matter of days, you can be sure that the records you produce are orderly, complete, and accurate.

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Thank you for your help with our claim. The reports we received are very detailed and precisely what we needed. It would have taken us a significant amount of time to address opposing counsel’s assertions, but your team was able to promptly review the records and provide a detailed report in the time frame we requested.

- A legal counsel from OH