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Early case valuation is critical to addressing claimed damages

Early case valuation means counsel must assess many factors including legal liabilities and potential costs, similar cases and verdicts, claims of pain and suffering, bills, and medical records.  The data contained in those medical records are key in these evaluations but can be costly to obtain and analyze without clear protocols.

For that reason, defense counsel needs a standard process of retrieving and reviewing the medical information to reduce overall litigation costs. Such a process allows counsel to focus on the legal issues while shortening the cycle of case valuation and ultimate resolution.


Skilled nursing angst emerges after PHE end date announced

A crucial waiver tied to the PHE – suspension of the three-day stay requirement – is set to expire along with the PHE in May.

Suspension of the three-day stay requirement allows Medicare patients to be discharged to a skilled nursing facility without having to stay at a hospital for at least three days.

Melissa Brown, the Chief Operating Officer of Gravity Healthcare Consulting said that providers should double-down on staff education on the three-day stay waiver since apparently it will soon be back in play.


Excelas, LLC is proud to have been in the Wall Street Journal February 15, 2023

We are included in the list of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation!

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Excelas, LLC January 2023 Performance Metrics

Excelas, LLC has provided customized solutions for 13,940 Records/Cases, processed 18,127,363 Pages, and supported 374 Clients & Firms.

We continue to invest in our Secure Interactive software; 8,712 Hours and a total $1,045,492 investment made in proprietary Zaxas software development.

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Excelas Metrics January 2023 - Excelas LLC


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