A Note of Gratitude: Scalerator

With Thanksgiving a day away, we wanted to reflect on an experience we had this year for which we are very grateful. You may recall our announcement in the spring that we had been selected to participate in the 3rd cohort of Northeast Ohio Scalerator. Excelas, along with 12 local companies, committed to the 6-month, 95-hour program with the goal of accelerating our growth to positively impact the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our region.

From the beginning, we were dedicated to fully participating in the curriculum taught by world-class faculty who provided training and mentorship. Unlike other programs focused on the development of only the CEO or president, Scalerator encouraged the involvement of all members of our leadership team. This was a rare opportunity for our managers and directors to work together in a unique shared learning environment.  For two days a month, we were able to get outside of the office to focus on the practical application of best practices for strategic alignment, systematizing sales process, and transforming our organizational culture. The program challenged us to evaluate the way we currently do business, determine our strengths, and identify the areas where we could make improvements. We also had the good fortune to learn with and from other entrepreneurial companies in northeast Ohio.

After graduating in October, we are ready to follow the roadmap we established as part of our Scale Plan and institute the changes needed to grow and contribute to the economic wellbeing of our community . We are excited about the future and again want to express our appreciation for the opportunity to participate in Scalerator.

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