2022 DRI Senior Living and Long-Term Care Litigation Seminar Highlights

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2022 DRI Senior Living and Long-Term Care Litigation Seminar Highlights

Excelas LLC came away from the 2022 DRI Senior Living and Long-Term Care Litgation seminar, once again in awe of the people and talent in the medical legal field, on critical challenges and topics we work together to help resolve. Here are some highlights:

Issues, Considerations, and Defense Strategies for Dealing with the Staffing Crisis
Drew Graham of Hall Booth Smith – changes in the Requirements of Participation related to staffing, the looming minimum staffing standard, the impact on defending staffing cases
Lynn Fieldhouse, JD CHC SRNA of Signature Healthcare – what was happening inside facilities during the pandemic, and innovative solutions to unprecedented issues, including heroism displayed by staff

Breaking Down Silos in Health Care Organizations
Alicia Davis of Med Law Advisory Partners – encouraging efficient integration of information gleaned in medical record reviews

Trends in Class Actions Related to ADA
Sunny Thompson of Snell & Wilmer – understaffing and fair housing for deaf residents

COVID-19 Transmission Risks in Long-Term Care Facilities
Amy R MD from MetroHealth in Cleveland – strategies that limited the spread of Covid19 in LTC facilities

Legal and Technical Arguments to Manage, Explain and Defend Audit Trail Information
Matthew Keris and Dean Sittig, PhD

The Neuroscience of Persuasion
Larry Bridgesmith Esq

A View from the ER: How Communication Between ER Providers and LTC Providers Impacts Patient Care
Duane Harrison, MD

Post-COVID Headwinds
Christopher Puri of Bradley Arant Hoult Cummings LLP – impact of the Biden Nursing Home Initiative
Tara Clayton, JD – trends in claims
Reina Reddish of TN Health Care Association – legislative initiatives in Tennessee

Stay 6 Feet Ahead of Opposing Counsel: A Nationwide Update on COVID-19 Litigation Trends and Practice Strategies to Combat Them
Robin N. Khanal Quintairos and Karen M. Shimonsky of  Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer, P.A. – emphasized the importance of knowing what guidelines and regulations were in place at the time of the claim


High-tech socks could prevent falls in at-risk patients

Every year, anywhere from 700,000 to 1 million people fall while in U.S. hospitals, and this often triggers a downward health spiral.

This article introduces Smart Socks, which are wired with sensors that send an #alert when a patient tries to get up from a hospital bed and puts pressure on the socks. In a 13-month study, nobody who wore the socks fell, which equaled a rate of 0 falls per 1,000 patient-days. Patient-days refers to the number of falls and the number of occupied bed days on a hospital unit over a study period. Historically, this rate is 4 falls per 1,000 patient-days. As with anything, there are pros and cons.


Remote home hospital care visits match in-home physician care on certain measures: study

Home hospital care recipients who receive remote physician visits have similar safety risks and self-reported patient experiences as their peers who receive in-person physician visits, according to a new study.

However, there are clear trade-offs to the remote physician model, the authors wrote. Remote visits reduce travel burden and may allow a doctor to cover more patients, possibly expanding care rurally. But the additional time required for care coordination; and nurse and paramedic travel and visits — including facilitating the virtual care meetings —may counterbalance those benefits, they noted.


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