Supreme Court Review of PREP Act Case Urged

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The PREP Act expressly provided protections to front line responders in a public health emergency

Review of PREP Act case hearing by the Supreme Court of the Saldana decision by the 9th Circuit Court was urged by AHA and others. The AHA along with other organizations submitted an Amicus Brief urging the Supreme Court to review the Saldana decision which held the PREP Act does not provide complete immunity for health care providers.

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State regulations for assisted living communities published

The National Center for Assisted Living published its annual “Assisted Living State Regulatory Review” summarizing key state requirements for AL licensure or certification, legislative and regulatory updates, resident agreements, admission and discharge requirements, staffing and training.

State-level regulation of assisted living services and operations ensures a coordinated, comprehensive licensure system because the state can take into account its full range of housing and service programs available to seniors and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Furthermore, different state philosophies regarding the role of assisted living in the long term care spectrum enable providers to innovate and test new models of housing plus services that are responsive to local consumer demands.


State-of-the-art cleaning equipment keeps residents and staff safe and healthy

Senior care was one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19. Heading into what’s expected to be a bad flu season, Trilogy Health Services launched state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to keep its residents and staff safe and healthy.

Trilogy Health Services has partnered with bio safety tech company R-Zero to use UV-C disinfection systems. R-Zero destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms that can lead to COVID-19, seasonal flu and E. coli. It disinfects the whole room in 7 minutes or less.


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