Forget Zoom…the Return to In-person Education and Networking


Excelas was excited to return to in-person seminars for the recent DRI Medical Liability and Health Care Law conference in Las Vegas.  The two days were full of cutting-edge defense issues which reaffirmed Excelas’ commitment to providing innovative tools to support our clients as they navigate the complex medical issues of their cases.

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Presentations highlighted the importance of early case valuation considering not only standards of care, but also damages and defensibility.  Medical record review is an initial step to “counter anchor” a plaintiff’s anchor damages valuation.  Medical record review by Excelas’ experienced analysts includes not only Medical Chronologies, Case Summaries, and Strength and Weakness Assessments, but also an Early Risk Assessment which provides a quick appraisal of allegations and related medical injuries.  If exact allegations are not provided, this high-level medical record review is the perfect tool to assess potential areas of liability.  Whichever work product is chosen, Excelas provides initial medical information to expeditiously begin the process of case valuation.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us all with cases again on the rise.  Clark County Nevada has seen an increasing number of cases.  By July 29th, the second day of the DRI conference, this resulted in a mandate to return to wearing masks while indoors.  The presentations regarding the Effects of COVID-19 on Communities of Color and the Effects of COVID-19 on Pregnancy highlighted some of the vulnerabilities to the virus.  As the state of immunity orders plods its way through the courts, Excelas has been hard at work with clients creating timelines which include Federal, State, County, and even corporate guidance that was provided to attempt to control the pandemic.  The COVID-19 Comprehensive Database provides clients with a concise report of what guidance was in effect at any given time during the pandemic.  This data is invaluable in early case evaluation when incorporated into a chronology with the medical records of individual cases.

Excelas is looking forward to attending (in-person) the 2021 Senior Living and Long Term Care Litigation Seminar in September.

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