Nursing home COVID deaths arose from lethal mistakes

nursing home covid deaths
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Nursing home COVID deaths resulted from “must-admit orders”

“Must-admit orders” requiring long term care facilities to accept COVID positive patients contributed to nursing home deaths.

In the spring of 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a directive to restrict admitting COVID-positive residents unless nursing homes were cleared for safety and isolation protocols. However, many states did not follow this guidance.

In an attempt to relieve hospital strain in a time of crisis, states like New York went beyond this guidance, requiring nursing homes to reopen their doors to Covid-positive patients with must-admit orders, regardless of safety and capacity to follow guidance and follow protocols,” said California Rep. Raul Ruiz (D).

As a result of an inadequate response, nursing homes became the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis. Over 200,000 residents and staff died in long-term care facilities, with 15,000 nursing home deaths in New York, 12,500 in Pennsylvania and 9,000 in New Jersey alone


Public health emergency revocation will unleash ‘traps for the unwary’

Providers must resume compliance with the ‘regulations as written.’ I don’t think that was easy before the pandemic, but it’s going to be the expectation for regulators and the survey process May 11 on,” says Kathleen McDermott, partner at law firm Morgan Lewis in Washington, DC.

Being unaware of restored requirements at the federal or state levels could spell big regulatory trouble down the line. And this transition period could also be rife for the plaintiffs’ bar, which knows providers will have less ability to claim “COVID fog” as a defense with the government

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‘Take-home’ COVID liability claims could set national precedent

Can an employer be held accountable for a spouse made deathly ill by the case of COVID-19 a loved one brought home from work?

The California Supreme Court will look to weigh in on a case that could set national precedent in so-called “take-home” liability claims. Long-term care professionals who worked in the most vulnerable COVID-19 settings of anyone are watching the case closely.


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