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  • Accuracy and Quality of Work Product
  • Data Security | HIPAA Compliant
  • On Time Delivery
  • Able to Identify Missing or Inaccurate Records
  • 24/7 Access to Records


“Your Case Summary made all the difference …”

I remember being brought on to my first case with the firm, and as a new attorney wanting to make a great first impression.

The case had multiple layers, and I remember your Case Summary made all the difference. I vividly remember sitting in bed reading the Excelas Summary, and suddenly the entire case made sense! It was so well done it helped me immensely even years after it was written.

Now, when I was brought on to another case late in the game, I am eager to be working with you so you can help me get caught up as you did with that first case.

The Covid Challenge:
A Must-Know
for Every Health Care Provider

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