BREAKING: CDC issues new guidance for nursing home COVID infection prevention and control

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CDC issues new COVID infection prevention and control guidance for nursing homes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its recommendations for preventing and controlling SARS-CoV-2 infections in nursing homes. Questions about the updates will be answered during a Project Firstline webinar for clinicians on Sept. 17 at 2:15 p.m., ET.

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Maintaining and adhering to CDC guidance is overwhelming! Excelas, LLC has a COVID databse to help health care organizations monitor not only guidance from the CDC, but also guidance issued from CMS, FDA, FEMA, OSHA, etc.

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16,000 deaths and 68,000 cases among nursing home residents nationwide omitted from federal data

The omissions resulted in severe underreporting by the National Healthcare Safety Network and could have impacted the federal government response to providers most in need during the first months of the pandemic, researchers say. The missed data represented 11.6% of total COVID-19 cases and 14% of total deaths among nursing home residents in 2020.

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Senior living providers cautiously optimistic about additional release of Provider Relief Fund dollars

The federal government announced the release of $25.5 billion in new funding to cover COVID-related losses of healthcare providers, including assisted living operators.

The new funding, available through the Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration, includes $17 billion in Phase 4 Provider Relief Fund dollars covering a broad range of providers — including assisted living — and $8.5 billion in American Rescue Plan funding for Medicaid providers.



Senior Housing Industry Faces Higher Costs as It Plays Lead Role in Vaccine Mandates

The senior housing business, one of the hardest-hit commercial property sectors early in the pandemic, is now getting hammered by rising labor costs as it takes a lead role in mandating vaccines for employees.

“The senior living industry is leading corporate America in mandating vaccines,” said Adam Portnoy, chairman of Five Star Senior Living Inc., which operates about 150 facilities with 19,000 beds and has mandated that employees need to get their first shot by Sept. 1. Operators are under pressure to do this from prospective tenants and their families.


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