Beth Wilson Named Excelas President

Beth Wilson Excelas LLC President
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Beth Wilson Named Excelas President

Beth Wilson named Excelas President. A national provider of medical record organization, retrieval, and analysis, helping healthcare organizations respond to claims – and litigation – brought against them, Excelas LLC’s announced on March 13, 2023 that Ms. Wilson’s tenure begins April 17, 2023.

As Senior Counsel with HCR ManorCare/ProMedica Health System since 2009, Ms. Wilson has been responsible for resolving legal matters involving patient care with a nationwide network of hospitals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, outpatient rehab clinics, and home health and hospice.


CMS waivers, flexibilities, and the transition forward from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

David W. Badie and Sandra Cianflone shared the following update: The federal Public Health Emergency will end on May 11, 2023. As a result, CMS issued an updated CMS PHE Fact Sheet.

Of note, both “Hospital at Home” and “Vitrual Supervision” will be extended to December 31, 2023. However, CMS will end the emergency waiver of the requirement that a certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA) must be under the supervision of a physician on May 11th. States may apply to waive the requirement through an application by the governor of the state.


Nursing home not covered by PREP Act in residents’ pandemic death lawsuit

A lawsuit against a Montana nursing home in which three patients died during the pandemic may go forward since the plaintiffs allege the facility neglected and did not properly care for their relatives.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act was signed into law in 2005 but was essentially untested until the COVID pandemmic. It provides immunity to eligible healthcare workers and facilities from lawsuits related to treatment and devices except in case of neglect. Providers around the nation are closely watching various lawsuits concerning PREP Act complaints.

Excelas, LLC offers a simple solution to the complex issue of organizing and presenting your COVID documentation, aligned with your defense strategy – the COVID-19 Comprehensive Integrated Timeline Tool. The CITT (pronounced “kit”) allows clients to incorporate key data with guidelines, regulations and standards in a variety of situations.


Mass Torts and multidistrict litigation

Terri Lightner, Manager of Clinical Operations, at Excelas, LLC presented detailed research and information on mass torts and multidistrict litigation to our internal team during our Monthly Staff Meeting.

Excelas provides litigation support to mass torts and multidistrict litigation by:
reviewing medical records of filed cases
providing medical record review for settlement purposes
supplying a software system to act as a document repository


Excelas, LLC February 2023 Performance Metrics

Excelas, LLC Performance Metrics as of February 28, 2023:
13,975 Records/Cases Reviewed
18,203,131 Pages Processed
375 Clients & Firms Supported
8,712 Hours of proprietary Zaxas software development
$1,045,492 investmenttmade in proprietary Zaxas software development

(Click on image to see which states are completed)


Excelas’ PREP Act Updates list summaries of relevant articles and selected court decisions, as well as additional recent court decisions, with hyperlinks for reference. We are continually updating cases as information becomes available. If you have insights to share, we welcome your contribution, with credit. The attached update is the most recent, including listings through early January 2023.

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